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You Can Now Buy Real-Life Skooma From 'Skyrim', And It'll Blow Your Socks Off

You Can Now Buy Real-Life Skooma From 'Skyrim', And It'll Blow Your Socks Off

It's a unique and award-winning alcohol.

Skyrim fans now have the opportunity to add real life skooma to their cabinet with this unique replica of the drink - it even comes in a stylish bottle that matches its shade in the game.

Skooma, made from moon sugar, may either be drunk or smoked depending on its form and is notorious for being an extremely addictive substance that triggers intense hallucinations. The Khajiit use moon sugar and skooma in certain ceremonies where the visions seen are said to be messages from the Twin Lanterns of Jone and Jode. However, most players of Skyrim use skooma for its ability to instantly restore stamina and explain the famous glitches and bugs in the beloved game.

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This skooma is in fact a rouge absinthe as the sustainable gin company Jim

& Tonic team thought that this would be the closest contender to the narcotic made from moon sugar. As such, this is a drink with an alcohol by volume measurement of 69%. To compare, beer is 4.5%, wine is 13%, and gin is about 40%, so this thing is going to knock you sideways and then some. Customers are very pleased that the skooma tastes as floral as it does considering the strength of the alcohol and the bottle is, of course, getting rave reviews. It's an award-winning absinthe actually, placing silver in the UK Spirits Masters and bronze in the San Francisco world spirits competition.

Players of Morrowind and Oblivion were slightly dismayed to find that the effects of skooma had been minimised in Skyrim but there's bound to be opportunities for skooma-fuelled chaos in the next entry in The Elder Scrolls series. We will be waiting a while, and we've come to terms with that unfortunate fact, however possible news on the development on The Elder Scrolls VI consumes our every waking moment. Even Todd Howard's son is haranguing him for updates so bookmark our guide on everything we know about the sequel thus far.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks, Jim and Tonic

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