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Skate 4 inches closer to release with another playtest

Skate 4 inches closer to release with another playtest

Skate 4, officially titled Skate, is nearing its release after launching another playtest.

Those excited for EA’s next Skate entry should keep an eye out for Skate 4’s upcoming playtest which gives us a hint at how close we are to the game’s full release.

We last saw a Skate entry back during the Xbox 360 days in 2010 with Skate 3. Since then, the Skate franchise has remained dormant but that was until Skate 4 was announced during the EA Play event back in 2020. Now almost four years on, players can get their hands on another playtest.

Take a look at the game in action below.

Despite EA working on many popular sports games as well as the Battlefield and Need For Speed franchises, the Skate series is perhaps one of the most beloved and with it being a year since the last entry, fans are desperate for more.

With no signs of a full release any time soon, it is clear that the EA team is still hard at work on Skate 4 by regularly holding play tests to see how players react throughout development. Now, according to Insider Gaming, another playtest is on the way and will run from 6 February to 19 March. As this will officially be the longest one so far, it bodes well for the game's status.

The test will only be available on PC and will also be under an NDA. As a result, those who don’t take part will not be able to access any further information. However, in an era of leaks, we wouldn’t be surprised if some slipped through the cracks.

There have been plenty of rumours about a possible release date for Skate 4, but with Ubisoft still unable to verify a date, it may still be a while until we see its full release. However, with frequent play tests and community help, it may arrive sooner than we think.

Featured Image Credit: EA

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