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This 'Silent Hill' Unreal Engine 5 Remake Is Jaw-Dropping

This 'Silent Hill' Unreal Engine 5 Remake Is Jaw-Dropping

This fan-made remake of the 1999 horror classic is stunning, and we can only hope that an official release would be just as good.

It’s been a hot minute since we got a new Silent Hill game. In fact, this is our 10th year without one, so we’re really getting to the point now where people can quite comfortably call it a dead franchise. But that doesn’t stop fans from being ever hopeful, and as such, the rumour mill keeps on turning, with the dream of remakes and new instalments being thrown around left and right what feels like every other week.

Well, even if Konami isn’t working on anything themselves, you can guarantee that the fans always will be. One such talented group of individuals is Codeless Studio, who recently posted some amazing pre-alpha gameplay footage of their fan-made Silent Hill remake to YouTube. The whole thing has been built in Unreal Engine 5, and just as you’d expect, it looks stunning, as well as positively haunting. 

Fans have been pouring out their support for the project in the comments: “Surprisingly, the atmosphere is still there! Wow. It is something that big game developers struggled to bring into remakes, I applaud you for that! You are definitely on the right track,” commented Trap Soul. “This is absolutely amazing! As a big fan of the series, I need this with my life. I'll keep an eye on your pro[j]ects and videos, mate. And I hope Konami doesn't bother you. We all the Silent Hill fans need this game to have a deserved remake!! Keep it up on this wonderful pro[j]ect,” wrote Alan Román.

Even though there hasn't been a new Silent Hill game in some time, there was the crossover with survival horror Dead by Daylight released back in 2020 - check out the trailer below.

Unfortunately, the team don’t plan on releasing the remake as a fully playable game, due to obviously not owning the license for the series. They do, however, plan to add more to the project, including different playable areas, puzzles, and enemies, as well as upload more content to their YouTube channel, so be sure to keep an eye out for that if you’re interested. 

Featured Image Credit: Konami, Codeless Studio via YouTube

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