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Scalpers are losing money and looking dumb trying to resell graphics cards

Scalpers are losing money and looking dumb trying to resell graphics cards

And now there's a price cut in Europe. It's a tough time to be a scalper.

Scalpers soaking up stocks of the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 and 4090 now find themselves in a pickle - no one wants to purchase these swishy cards and now the products have just gotten a price cut in Europe.

This is a totally, totally, totally shocking outcome. After all, the cards are very affordable at... over £1,000 a pop. Mathematically speaking, the 4080 saw a 71% increase in its price point compared to its predecessor and upon hearing that news, gamers everywhere did a little sick in their mouth. Both cards knocked the socks off those who reviewed them but considering the global financial situation, this sort of expense gates out a lot of those passionate about PC gaming.

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Techspot's report describes disgruntled scalpers who overestimated the interest in these cards and have sunk thousands of pounds in some cases to try and pressure customers to purchase their resale units. On eBay, 4080 cards are selling for or just over their official prices, which is hardly the Christmas fund that scalpers had hoped for.

The response from the populace has been nothing short of sympathetic. Not. "I'm glad people are voting with their wallets on this. Not just to f*ck over the scalpers but to also send a clear message to Nvidia to f*ck off with their pricing," piped up one. Furthermore, the price point for the 4080 and 4090 has just dropped by 5% in the European Union and in the UK. Talk about pouring lemon juice in a paper cut.

Featured Image Credit: Nvidia

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