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Red Dead Redemption 2 horses have a secret we wish we'd known about years ago

Red Dead Redemption 2 horses have a secret we wish we'd known about years ago

We can finally stop living in fear of the hooves

As much as we love Red Dead Redemption 2, it always feels like we’re playing catch up with all the details it throws at us.

It’s been out several years now, yet players are still discovering secret cutscenes and hidden bunkers of loot.

There's so much you can easily miss and/or overlook, that our very own Dan Lipscombe has detailed 12 things you didn’t know you could do in the game.

Have you seen these funny wins and epic fails yet?

That’s a lot to suddenly discover already – but one player has thrown a 13th tidbit of information into the mix.

Did you know you can tell if a horse is going to kick you?

We didn’t. Yet according to Redditor boysen_bean, there’s a simple way to anticipate if you’re about to get belted in the face by a hoof in Rockstar’s classic western.

“You can tell if a horse will kick you as you rifle through saddle bags by looking at its ears. If the horse's ears are back, its angry and will kick you,” they revealed.

In the words of user Takhar7, “My entirely flattened face thanks you for this. And also yells ‘f**k you’ for not telling me months ago.”

We’re not quite that upset, but poor Arthur’s face still stings from our failure to understand horses in the past.

Before you assume safety, please note that other Red Dead Redemption 2 fans have claimed that, while the ears do indeed indicate the horse’s temperament, you may still get kicked.

How are we ever meant to trust if pain is always possible?

But wait, there might be a way to save your poor face and pride yet; according to another player, positioning another horse “pretty close to the saddle bags” will stop the kick from happening.

We’ve yet to test this out for ourselves, but what have you got to lose? You’re going to get potentially kicked in the face either way.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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