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'Red Dead' Player Rewarded For Reporting Cheaters By Being Banned

'Red Dead' Player Rewarded For Reporting Cheaters By Being Banned

One Red Dead Online player was banned by Rockstar after submitting a number of cheater reports.

There’s nothing fun about cheating, and it’s a problem studios will always face. Bungie have reported that suing cheaters is “good business,” whilst Call of Duty continues to draft in new deterrents. Hilariously, one CoD cheater recently outed themselves mid-game by accident. If you report a cheater, you might think that you’re helping out but one Red Dead Online player actually landed themselves in hot water for doing so.

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As reported by PCGamesN, Red Dead Online player Kevin Daly recently had their character reset to level one after they submitted multiple cheating reports to Rockstar, which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I don’t need to explain why reporting and assisting in the removal of a cheater shouldn’t result in punishment.

Daly explained that he’d encountered several opponents using the god mode glitch (which can make players invincible), alongside hacks which made players immune to the lock-on functions of other players’ weapons. Daly used Rockstar’s appropriate channels to report the users yet later heard back from Rockstar announcing that he’d been banned for 30 days for violating the studio’s terms of service.

He added that his Red Dead Online character, progress and inventory had all been reset. The email further detailed that “All Red Dead Online suspension, banning, and character reset decisions are final and cannot be appealed,” which seems particularly harsh here. Thankfully, since then, Rockstar clarified that the email was a “miscommunication,” and accepted Daly’s reports. The user has regained access to his account, although his character is still stuck at level one. Not a good move from Rockstar.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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