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Sony Fanboy Buys Xbox-Loving Friend A PlayStation Christmas Jumper Just To Annoy Them

Sony Fanboy Buys Xbox-Loving Friend A PlayStation Christmas Jumper Just To Annoy Them

Give the gift of PlayStation this Christmas.

Ewan Moore

Ewan Moore

If your friends don't buy you Christmas presents that have been specifically designed to annoy or embarrass you, are they even your friends? I don't think so. That's why I absolutely love to see other mates going out of their way to pick up presents that they know the people in their life won't enjoy. Anyone can get you something you like, after all - only a real friend knows what you hate.

Enter Reddit user kellenbrent and his friend/colleague. One despises all things Xbox, while the other can't stand PlayStation. The two are still friends because they're normal people that wouldn't let a thing like which toy is better keep them from hanging out, but that doesn't mean their days aren't filled with arguments about whether it's better to be Team Microsoft or sail on the good ship Sony.

In honour of this friendship/playful rivalry, kellenbrent decided to surprise his friend with a PlayStation Christmas jumper so that he could display the enemy on his chest at all times. Or at least during December when it's okay to wear a festive jumper, anyway. Meanwhile, his friend got him an Xbox jumper for exactly the same reason. Christmas brings out the best in all of us, it really does.

There are obviously one or two bores down in the comments on Reddit smugly wondering why anyone would spend all day arguing about consoles every day, but they seem to have missed the point entirely. Specifically that these guys are aware that their hobby is just that - a hobby - and that their arguments about which console is better aren't serious at all, but playful banter.

You don't get someone a Christmas jumper if you genuinely feel like you're diametrically opposed to them on a fundamental level, put it that way. Also, you know, you're never going to bring anyone round to your way of thinking if you just shout at them for being wrong all the time.

Who knows, maybe by the end of 2021 they'll each have fully converted the other to the "rival" console? And it all would have started with a tacky looking jumper. I think that's kind of magical.

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/Kellenbrent

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