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Xbox Series X hardware just got a huge price cut, but you don't have forever

Xbox Series X hardware just got a huge price cut, but you don't have forever

This deal is too good to miss out on!

Scoring yourself some games hardware at a reduced price is one of life's simple pleasures.

The thing is, huge price cuts don’t tend to come around often.

Thankfully, while rare, today is one of those wonderful days when everything aligns, and some sweet Xbox Series X hardware is available for a fraction of its usual price.

With Gears of War 6 finally coming, as well as confirmation that another giant franchise is returning, now is the time to make sure your Xbox can handle the games Microsoft throws at it.

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Sure, you could delete any games and downloads that no longer serve you, or you could purchase a Seagate Storage Expansion Card instead.

Designed specifically for the Series S/X, this piece of kit is going to increase your storage by 2TB; considering the number of big games coming out this year, you’re going to need that storage.

Usually, the Seagate Storage Expansion Card will set you back £514.99 (ouch). But with this deal, you can get it for just £226.99 – that’s a 56 percent price reduction.

Now, that’s what we’re talking about.

We appreciate that’s still quite the hefty price tag even with the price cut, however, nobody can say that isn’t a considerable discount.

As if this deal wasn’t sweet enough, you can get the hardware delivered quickly thanks to the beauty of Amazon Prime.

The choice is yours whether you act on this deal. Just bear in mind that hefty reductions like this don’t stick around long.

No time limit has been placed on this offer. Still, to avoid disappointment, we suggest you purchase this Xbox add-on sooner rather than later to avoid potentially missing out.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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