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The Twisted Metal Reboot Has Changed Developer

The Twisted Metal Reboot Has Changed Developer

It's the same studio that's working on a recently revealed Horizon game.

The rumoured Twisted Metal reboot has reportedly swapped from the developer of Destruction AllStars to a “recently acquired” first-party PlayStation Studio, according to sources close to the game.

Funnily enough, the Twisted Metal TV show was revealed before the rumours of a reboot started to swirl, and this is thanks to Sony's new strategy to diversify its offerings to its customers. Industry insider Jeff Grubb posited that the company is trying to align its game releases with its movie and TV show releases to maximise the potential audience for these properties. It's not a bad shout and seems to suggest that we'll see things like The Last Of Us PS5 remake arrive around the same time as the show, or an announcement about the next Uncharted game riding the coattails of the upcoming movie with Tom Holland.

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Lucid Games is the developer of Destruction AllStars, a colourful vehicular combat game released in February of last year. I played it when it came to PlayStation Plus, and while I did relish the art style and exciting game modes, it didn't capture my interest enough with other games on the horizon. In fact, the game started to struggle as soon as a month after release with bots filling up the lobbies instead of players, and apparently the average time spent per player in the game is just four hours. It's a shame, and it's for these reasons that the Twisted Metal reboot has been allegedly given to Firesprite Studio, claims Push Square.

You'll recognise the name of that developer from sci-fi spook-a-thon The Persistence and the new Horizon Call of the Mountain title for the PlayStation VR2. Of course, there's not much else to mention at this point about the reboot as it hasn't even been announced by Sony. Fortunately, it looks like the writing isn't on the wall for Destruction AllStars yet as there is a hefty update on the way to the game. The menus and user interfaces will be refreshed to ensure they are more accessible and visuals in the midst of explosive moments in matches will no longer blend into the background, causing players to miss out on crucial information. And, the Wreckognition system will be seeing a "substantial" overhaul.

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