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Dog Trained To Go To Bed When PlayStation 5 Powers Off

Dog Trained To Go To Bed When PlayStation 5 Powers Off

Paws for thought.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

You think you've seen it all, until someone's dog knows when it's time for bed based on the tone played by the PlayStation 5 when it shuts down. What a good dog- nay, what an excellent canine.

imnick88 posted the proof to the platform's subreddit, and the video shows their dog dozing on the sofa. Like all apex predators, they appear to be sleepy, but they are in fact scanning their environment for possible threats or incoming commands from their owner. Definitely. Definitely defending the home. Not snoozing. Not slacking on the job.

Ending their Assassin's Creed Valhalla session, imnick88 selects the power symbol on the PlayStation 5's in-game menu bar, and chooses "Enter Rest Mode." The muted note of the console's system pricks the ears of the pooch, and she swiftly hops off her perch and trots over to the edge of the room. She glances expectantly at her owner then, wondering why they've not followed her and are instead filming this very everyday occurrence. My parents' puppy used to be a shocker for phones. To be fair, we were always sticking the gizmos in her face to take photos of how cute she was being, and she must have mistook them for toys.

Like us here at GAMINGbible, the PlayStation community are amazed at the way she's learned to know what that noise means for her, and praised her intelligence and obedience. Others weighed in with their own anecdotes about pets who have worked out how to game the system. "My dog does the opposite," said nwilli9. "When she hears the 'turn on' beep she lays on the couch and falls asleep because she knows she's gonna get plenty of uninterrupted rest." My cat used to curl up next to me while I played Mass Effect, and I have a theory that the computer would create a warm spot for her to sleep.

"My cats have realised this too. When I shut down the ps4 they go to the kitchen cos they know its food and bed time," added Splaterpus7. And, most interestingly, it doesn't necessarily need to be a noise to trigger a reaction from our four legged friends. "Whenever I unplug my headset, that's when they know it's time to get up and go to bed," said RoJay90 of their dogs who are deaf. "If I just set it down to take a leak, they've learned to stay." To me, the way that our companions always want to be involved in what we're doing, even if it's completely unrelated to them, gets me in the feels.

Featured Image Credit: imnick88 on Reddit

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