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Unfortunate PlayStation Plus Subscribers Are Getting The "Wrong" Game

Unfortunate PlayStation Plus Subscribers Are Getting The "Wrong" Game

Not ideal

A number of unfortunate PlayStation Plus subscribers have reported that they aren't getting the free games they'd expected this month.

Towards the end of December, PlayStation confirmed that the three free PS Plus games for January 2022 would be action-RPG Persona 5 Strikers, racing game Dirt 5, and sci-fi shooter Deep Rock Galactic. Compared to previous months, this represents a huge step up in terms of both quality, and variety.

Sadly, not everyone around the world is getting this lineup. A small handful of subscribers have reported that they don't have access to the excellent Persona 5 Strikers. Instead, they've been given the decidedly average zombie survival game How Not To Survive 2. While not a bad game by any means, it's nowhere near as good as Persona 5 Strikers, leaving affected players feeling more than a little disappointed.

While it was initially believed that all PS Plus users based in the Middle East had recieved this game instead of Persona 5 Strikers, subscribers in the UAE and Oman have confirmed they received their free copy of the action-RPG just like everybody else. Based on what users are saying over on Reddit, it seems How Not To Survive 2 is being given out to Saudi Arabia-based subscribers, specifically.

It's unclear what the exact reasons are behind this unexpected switch, but this isn't the first time Saudi Arabia has swapped PS Plus titles. Goat Simulator, of all things, replaced Outlast several years ago.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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