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PlayStation Plus' First Free PS3 Games May Have Leaked

PlayStation Plus' First Free PS3 Games May Have Leaked

Hello again, old friend

More PlayStation 3 games have started to appear on the PlayStation 5 store, giving us some idea as to which titles will be available as part as the overhauled PlayStation Plus service.

Launching next month, the all-new PlayStation Plus will be made up of three tiers, with the Extra and Premium tiers offering access to certain PS3 titles. Unfortunately, it looks like these will only be available via streaming (for now) thanks to the PS3's system architecture, but we take what we can get.

Remember this old PlayStation 3 ad? What a weird time that was to be alive.

Maddeningly, Sony has yet to confirm which classic PS1, PS2, and PS3 games will be available with the new PS Plus. The good news is that a number of these golden oldies have started to leak.

Earlier this month multiple PS1 games appeared in the PlayStation Network's backend, giving us some idea of what to expect. Now, it looks like a few PS3 games are doing the same.

Over on Reddit, a user by the name of SomeRandomCoolGuy- has spotted the PS3 version of WWE 2k15 on the Australian PlayStation store for $0.01. A few other users have confirmed they can also see the game with the PS3 logo in the thumbnail.

This is very similar to a moment earlier in the year when VGC journalist Jordan Middler stumbled across a handful of PS3 games on the PS5 store a few weeks before the overhauled PS Plus was officially announced.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean anything, really. It could well be an odd glitch that has caused the PS3 version of WWE 2K15 to appear as available. But with the all-new PS Plus just weeks away, any changes to the PlayStation Store could well provide clues as to which games we're going to get on the new service. And as long as Sony remains tight-lipped, we'll take all the clues we can get.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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