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PlayStation Plus subscribers urged to check out free Lord Of The Rings-style RPG

PlayStation Plus subscribers urged to check out free Lord Of The Rings-style RPG

PS Plus subscribers need to check out these The Lord of the Rings-style RPGs

The Lord of the Rings franchise is one of the most popular properties of all time which is why the beloved J.R.R Tolkien novels have been adapted into every form of media imaginable.

Whether it’s TV and film, board games, action figures and of course video games, there’s plenty of The Lord of the Rings love to go around for everyone. Over the years we’ve had some amazing video games inspired by the Tolkien novels such as The Two Towers and The Return of the King movie adaptations, Shadow of War, the LEGO games and much more.

Check out the LEGO Lord of the Rings trailer below!

That being said, it’s not always been sunshine and roses for this franchise when it comes to video game adaptations such as the woeful The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. Like seriously, this game doesn't even fall into the ‘so bad it's good’ category which makes us wonder how on middle-earth did it manage to get itself a PS Plus trial.

Of course, there are many other games inspired by The Lord of the Rings that do not carry the official licence and Reddit users have been recommending a flurry of RPG titles on the forum.

“Is there any Lord of the Rings-like game on PS Plus Extra?” asked Redditor jug0slavija. “And what I mean is wizards, swords, bows etc, you get it. Skyrim, Dragon's Dogma and so on. Maybe even a game with a discount via PS Plus.”

Dragon's Dogma, it's a bit dated graphically and it's janky in places,” suggested newtown5. “But it has the feeling of exploring the land similar to the Fellowship and it has goblins, trolls and big monsters.” This would be a great recommendation considering that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is on the way.

“There’s Demon’s Souls, Dragons Quest XI, Dragons Quest Heroes, and the Final Fantasy games, just to name a few,” mcduckstophat recommended. “If you’re okay with just swords and bows, I’d also recommend Ghosts of Tsushima.”

Dragon Age: Inquisition - Game of the Year Edition is usually pretty cheap when on sale, less than $6, it has everything you just asked for,” said Ghost_Rider_18. “It has a good story that you can sink hundreds of hours into with several playthroughs for different story outcomes and relationships, and combat is great with different kinds of setups, it still looks nice because it's made with Frostbite 3 engine.”

Subscribing to either the PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium tier, gamers will have plenty of epic adventures to choose from such as the amazing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and South Park: The Stick of Truth and more.

Featured Image Credit: New Line Cinema/Sony Interactive Entertainment

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