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PlayStation Plus First Free Game Of February 2022 Could Be A Fan-Favourite

PlayStation Plus First Free Game Of February 2022 Could Be A Fan-Favourite

Sounds good to us

2022 presents the opportunity of a fresh start for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The back half of 2021 saw a widely criticised run of games that many felt added little value to the online service, prompting calls for PlayStation to get it together.

Fortunately, January 2022's PS Plus lineup managed exactly that. The free games for this month, which are still available right now, are action-RPG Persona 5 Strikers, racing game Dirt 5, and sci-fi shooter Deep Rock Galactic.

Over on the PlayStation Plus Subreddit, fans have shared rare praise for the month's offerings, with many calling them the best games PS Plus has given subscribers "in a long, long time". With just days to go until the February free games are officially revealed, all eyes are once again on the service to see if it can continue to deliver.

While February's freebies have yet to leak in the way that PS Plus games always seem to these days, a little light speculation leads us to believe that one of the free games will be remaster of a much-loved classic.

As points out, Life Is Strange: Remastered Collection releases on February 1 for all platforms, which would mark it as a prime candidate for the February PS Plus lineup.

While I must stress this is speculation and nothing has been confirmed at this stage, it's certainly a likely pick. PlayStation has a habit of dropping new releases on day one for PS Plus users, after all. Fall Guys, Oddworld: Abe’s Exodus, Hell Let Loose, and Deep Rock Galactic are just a few recent examples - who's to say they won't do it again with one of the most-loved video games of 2015?

And while it's true that the original Life Is Strange was made available via PS Plus back in 2017, the Remastered Collection adds a few new bells and whistles, and even throws in the prequel series Before The Storm. I'd say that definitely helps it qualify for another go on PS Plus, right?

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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