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"Ambitious" PlayStation 5 Remake Of An Old Favourite Launching This Year, Says Leaker

"Ambitious" PlayStation 5 Remake Of An Old Favourite Launching This Year, Says Leaker

And, Bluepoint isn't the one working on it.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Bluepoint's remake of Demon's Souls on the PlayStation 5 is "unfathomably gorgeous", and this juicy leak only strengthens the rumour that Bloodborne is the next game getting a remaster.

"If I [have to] say which one I keep in my heart, it's Bloodborne," said Hidetaka Miyazaki of the game that he is proudest of over two decades of working in the industry. "It's the one that left [the biggest] mark on me." Indeed, the imposing, poisoned architecture of Yharnam and the corruption beating at its core is underlined in its fascinating plot and reversal of Lovecraftian conventions. Discovering a fountain of occult blood under the city's cobblestones, the Healing Church encouraged the population to consume the blood to rid themselves of illness. Yet, those who drank the blood begin to transform into monstrous creatures, killing their neighbours and bringing the end of Yharnam. As such, Bloodborne is home to some of the most iconic bosses in gaming, from Father Gascoigne to Ludwig the Accursed.

Bloodborne is a punishing yet rewarding journey into a crumbling Gothic world, and we admit to a moment or two where our high blood pressure got the better of us in the game. Here are a selection of equally exhausting titles - how many have you completed?

SoulsHunt on Twitter - who leaked the existence of Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin before the Square Enix conference earlier this month - has doubled down on the rumours that Bloodborne is coming to the PlayStation 5. They let us down gently to start with, saying that FromSoftware is focusing on the development and support of new IPs like Elden Ring, so a sequel to Bloodborne is unlikely to occur.

Then, they add that Bloodborne is coming to the PlayStation 5 at some point in the latter half of this year and that the project is "ambitious" for the team that's working on the game. The studio in question is not named, however they clarify that it isn't a division of FromSoftware nor is it Bluepoint. Intriguing. Last but by no means least, the game is arriving on another platform after its release on PlayStation 5. Those who are following the trail of breadcrumbs to a PC port of Bloodborne will be over the moon that SoulsHunt is confident in its existence. Perhaps we will soon see Genshin Impact characters running round Yharnam with Clifford the Big Red Dog taking over Darkbeast Paarl's territory.

Of course, neither Sony nor FromSoftware have mentioned the possibility of Bloodborne being remastered for the new generation, in spite of the clamouring from fans. As a result, we should take this leak with a pinch of salt. While you're here, I should let you know that there are rumblings that The Last Of Us is going to get a remake on the PlayStation 5. Naughty Dog is allegedly intending to elevate the original experience by "[taking] advantage of PlayStation 5's power and features with the The Last of Us: Part II engine." The thing is, though, it's in no need of a makeover, according to Ewan Moore.

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