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Bloodborne Unreal Engine 5 remake is so beautiful I could weep

Bloodborne Unreal Engine 5 remake is so beautiful I could weep

Bloodborne in Unreal Engine 5 is all I've ever wanted

Here's a fun fact for you: Bloodborne is the greatest video game of all time.

You might not have known this. You might have thought it was The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time, or maybe Red Dead Redemption 2. Nope! It's actually Bloodborne. This is a fact. I don't make the rules.

It's always bothered me that PlayStation treats The Factual Greatest Video Game Of All Time, Bloodborne, like a smelly stepchild who isn't really part of the family. Despite releasing in 2015 to critical acclaim and developing an avid fanbase, we haven't had a whiff of a sequel, or even a new-gen remake (not officially, anyway).

Fortunately, one dedicated fan has dared to imagine what an Unreal Engine 5 remake of Bloodborne would look like, and it's everything I've ever wanted.

YouTuber Maxime Foulquier has spent the last year or so building a remake of the beloved FromSoftware game, and while the project has gone dark (the last update was six months ago) that doesn't take away from the incredibly impressive work they achieved.

Perhaps one of my favourite things about this Bloodborne remake is that it still looks and feels like Bloodborne. This might sound like a dumb thing to say, but I think we've all seen Unreal Engine 5 remakes full of technically impressive assets thrown together with no sense of cohesion or style. Does ultra realistic water belong in a game like Super Mario 64? Should Sonic be running through photorealistic fields of grass? Of course not. So props to Foulquier for keeping the essence of Bloodborne in one macabre piece.

Anyway, the project might be done (or maybe Foulquier is just busy with other stuff!), but I just wanted to highlight a really awesome piece of work. To paraphrase Marge Simpson, I just think it's neat.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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