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Major Drift Issues Are Affecting PlayStation 5 Controllers According To Players

Major Drift Issues Are Affecting PlayStation 5 Controllers According To Players

Sony is here to help.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Though the DualSense is a wondrous little chunk of plastic and gadgetry, immersing us in the experience of playing PlayStation 5 with minute vibrations and nifty adaptive triggers, players are upset over the controller's latest issues.

Unfunnily enough, drift in DualSenses was reported only days after the PlayStation 5 launched late last year. If you don't know what drift is, count yourself lucky, but I'll explain it here anyway. It's a hardware fault where the controller inputs commands to the game even though you aren't even touching the thumbsticks. Nintendo Switch players have been grappling with this frustration for donkey's years as Link careens off a cliff or their Pokémon avatar spinning in circles. Alcremies for days. For days, I tell you.

The DualSense offers slick features like the haptic feedback which is able to replicate the feeling of rain pitter-pattering on an umbrella to the friction of rolling a ball across different surfaces. Moreover, the adaptive triggers attempt to mimic the real tension in a variety of actions in the game, so pulling the string back on a bow resists more than pulling the trigger back on a pistol. That's included in PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 titles alike, and God of War has just had an update that makes the most of what's under the console's hood to deliver a truly awe-inspiring playthrough. Ergo, it's actually annoying to discover that this incredible bit of tech is drifting and ruining what should be a relaxing pastime.

DualSense /

If you're one of those people in this camp, let's start with the good news. Head over to Sony's support website and there's a page to relay issues with PS5 hardware. However, due to the scarcity of the console, the support team are said to be stuck under a snowdrift of questions about how to get a PS5. So, what next?

Well, Kotaku investigated, and it found that drift is covered under warranty. Ideal! But, in order to repair the DualSense, you will need to pay to ship your controller to a Sony repair centre. This might come to a costly total owing to the distance between you and the location and the total weight of the package, and there's no knowing how long you'll be waiting for the controller to be fixed. On the bright side, Sony will pay for the shipping back to your house.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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