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'God Of War' Director Slams Sony For Price Of PlayStation 5 In Brazil

'God Of War' Director Slams Sony For Price Of PlayStation 5 In Brazil

It is, indeed, some bullsh*t

Mike Diver

Mike Diver

New consoles are always expensive - but in certain parts of the world, they're exceptionally pricy. The US dollar RRP of Sony's (disc drive model) PlayStation 5 is set at $499 - but in the UK it's officially £449, and about $750 in Australia, which works out as around $620 and $560 US respectively. Ergo, it's more expensive to buy a PS5 in the UK and Australia than it is in the United States.

But nowhere charges more for a new PlayStation 5 than Brazil does. Converted to US dollars, the local price of a PS5 in, say, Porto Alegre or Rio de Janeiro, is a massive $790. Almost $300 above the US RRP. Which is both wild and, inevitably, something gamers in Brazil are plenty peeved about.

So far, the only glimpse of the God of War sequel we've had is this teaser - but we should be seeing gameplay, soon...

Now, one of PlayStation's own high-profile game devs has spoken out against this local cost to get on board with Sony's new hardware. Replying to a tweet about how buying a new PS5 in Brazil costs "five monthly minimum wages", God of War director and Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog has said: "that is just some bullsh*t."

The tweets were screencapped and posted to ResetEra, and Barlog follows his "bullsh*t" tweet with some clarification regarding what he meant by it: "Also, to be clear, I meant it's bullsh*t they cost that much and price is not adjusted accordingly per region."

So, why is a PS5 so much more in Brazil? Apparently it's all down to import taxes - and the RRP for a new PlayStation in the country is actually lower than what it was originally meant to be. The PS5 was supposed to be on sale in Brazil for over $880 for the disc drive model, and around $795 for the digital-only version. Pre-launch tax cuts took the RRP down, but it's still a hefty sum to find in order to play PS5 exclusives like Returnal or Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Meanwhile, in God of War news, we're very excited to almost certainly see gameplay from the forthcoming sequel to 2018's game, in Sony's next State of Play proper; and said sad-banger from a few years back is now available on PlayStation Now, so go play it if you've not.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment, Ben Iwara via Unsplash

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