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One Of 2021's Best Games Is Coming To PlayStation

One Of 2021's Best Games Is Coming To PlayStation

Time to wet your beak in this gorgeous journey in a dark world.

One of our favourite games from this year, Death’s Door is on its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, and excitingly enough, we won’t be waiting long at all. 

Just so you know, Ewan has already set up his soapbox outside your house. He’s got a megaphone and an anorak so he can sing the praises of Death’s Door, rain or shine. “There's something intoxicating about [developer] Acid Nerve's world design and the sheer amount of hidden rooms and treasures it's managed to cram into every single area,” he said in his review of the quirky action-adventure, and called it an absolute shoo-in for Game of the Year conversations. While it is a mix of established gameplay genres, the biting writing and effortlessly satisfying combat hooks you and means you’re never sure what’s going to happen next.

Check out the trailer for the game here!

In short, if you like Metroid, Zelda, or Dark Souls, you should give it a go. Players on the PlayStation 5 will look forward to tailored enhancements that elevate the experience, like support for 60 frames per second. Speaking in a post to the PlayStation Blog, sound designer and producer David Fenn shone a little light on the possibilities that the new-gen console’s hardware opened up for the team. 

“When battling the Guardian of the Door, you can feel the overwhelming rush of energy from its laser attacks, while never losing the sensation of its weighty footsteps, the crack of each missile hitting the ground, and the impact of each of your attacks against it,” said Fenn, referring to the new haptic feedback features for the game. “These can all happen simultaneously without anything getting muddled up thanks to the fidelity of the DualSense controller.”

While the original versions maintain the dark and daring sense of fantasy in the world of Death’s Door, the haptic feedback means that the character’s exploits are “more immediate and immersive” here. The game comes to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on November 23rd.

Featured Image Credit: Totte Annerbrink via Unsplash, Acid Nerve

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