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'Marvel's Avengers' Shows First Look At Spider-Man

'Marvel's Avengers' Shows First Look At Spider-Man

Fans are over the moon to finally welcome the web-slinger to the game.

Marvel’s Avengers is welcoming Spider-Man to the mix (finally) and he’s got some new threads that are getting a lot of love from fans. 

Ah, Marvel’s Avengers. Suffering a delay during its development in order to elevate it to the “high standards” that Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix wanted to achieve with the game, the reception to the release of the game was tepid in the end. There was a lot to love in the single-player story following Kamala Khan — our Dean Abdou said that studios of all stripes could “take a leaf out of Crystal Dynamics' book when it comes to representation.”

Unfortunately, the multiplayer mode has had setback after setback, with technical issues leading to players losing out on hefty rewards for their efforts and a feeling of staleness as enemies and environments repeated incessantly. The DLCs helped solve this, though the latest update was criticised for thinly-veiled pay-to-win elements, and the developer reversed its intentions to allow Hero’s Catalysts and Fragment Extractors to be purchasable. 

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The most suitable distraction from all of this discontent would be to usher in the official look for Spider-Man in Marvel’s Avengers, and that’s just what has happened. Spider-Man was actually announced as part of the roster more than a year ago, yet naturally, the pandemic and other problems pushed his arrival backwards. This new image flaunts Spidey giving the baddies what-for with some help from his friends from work, and while it’s not a major makeover, it is proving popular with fans:

He’s on his way in the With Great Power hero event scheduled for November 30th, though he’s only playable for those on PlayStation. It’s not the same as an Operation nor a DLC so it’s unknown how much content is packed into Peter Parker’s story. Square Enix did reveal that the hero will be pulled in different directions as he safeguards his independence and secret identity with the benefits of working in a team to take down AIM. The November 30th update will also add the Klaw Raid, a power-level increase, the new Shipments feature, gear upgrades and more. 

Featured Image Credit: Crystal Dynamics, Insomniac Games

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