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PlayStation facing backlash over yet another potential remaster

PlayStation facing backlash over yet another potential remaster

PlayStation are reportedly working on a remake or remaster of 2017's Horizon Zero Dawn.

PlayStation are endlessly loyal to their most successful exclusives, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. After all, PlayStation has created some incredible sequels over the years. For many fans, problems arise when originality stops. With The Last Of Us Part I, PlayStation and Naughty Dog opened up a can of worms. How old does a game need to be to justify revisiting it?

In our review, we praised the new-gen remake calling it “the definitive way to experience Naughty Dog’s seminal title.” It’s a pricey way to replay a classic though, but it’s clear to see how technology has changed in the nine years since The Last Of Us released. PlayStation have now set their sights on a major title that’s less than six years old.

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Sony are reportedly working with Guerrilla Games on a remaster or remake of 2017’s Horizon Zero Dawn. It’s not yet clear which route the project will take. As a reminder, The Last Of Us Part I is an example of a remake. The game was completely rebuilt. A remaster seeks to enhance the pre-existing game.

As reported by MP1ST, the updated Horizon Zero Dawn is said to include an improved lighting system (including ambient occlusion), overhauled textures, better animations, and new character models to bring the game more inline visually with this year’s sequel Horizon Forbidden West. Whilst the existence of this project hasn’t been verified by Sony, VGC have backed up MP1ST’s claims.

It’s certainly a project that’ll split opinion. Horizon Zero Dawn runs perfectly well on the PlayStation 5, even if it isn’t new-gen. That being said, I don’t think any of us would miss Zero Dawn’s soulless NPCs if they were to be overhauled. What do we really want though? Horizon 3 please.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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