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'Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut' Makes Transferring Save Data From PS4 To PS5 A Breeze

'Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut' Makes Transferring Save Data From PS4 To PS5 A Breeze

The highlight of the expansion has to be the cats of Iki Island.

Imogen Donovan

Imogen Donovan

Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut is out now and if you're raring to return to the setting and the new Iki island, you'll be happy to hear that transferring your PlayStation 4 saves is as easy as pie.

"When players go to Iki Island, they'll be treated to a much more deepening experience for how they think about Jin Sakai and his transformation into the ghost," said creative director Nate Fox in an interview with Geek Culture. As well as a new area to explore as early as Act 2 of the game, players get a patch that addresses gameplay and visual issues, alternate controller layouts and a new mode for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.

Additionally, Sucker Punch Productions has taken advantage of the features that the PlayStation 5 offers to developers. For example, adaptive triggers change how it feels to draw back the bow and haptic feedback means you really feel those hits when shields deflect the katana.

The whole collection of bells and whistles that are on board the Director's Cut of Ghost Of Tsushima are shown off in its trailer below, so check it out!

More importantly, you can charm cats by playing the flute which uses the controller's motion sensor to ensure Jin is in time and in tune. Once the cat is convinced you're a friend, they'll approach the samurai, purring all the while, and these vibrations are replicated in the DualSense's haptic feedback. I could write a thousand words more on this feature but I suppose you're here for the instructions on how to transfer your PS4 saves to PS5, so I'll indulge you.

Firstly, download your PS4 saves from the cloud and onto your shiny new PlayStation 5. If you don't have a PlayStation Plus subscription, then you'll need to take the save data off of the PS4 with a memory stick (it helps if you have one with a lot of free space just to be sure). Then, open Ghost Of Tsushima Director's Cut and select "Transfer PS4 console save." And you're away.

If you played the game on your PlayStation 5 and want to try the New Game+ mode with the opportunity to visit Iki Island, then the process is even simpler. The console will read the data that's already been written for your playthrough, so you skip out those steps and go straight to "Transfer PS4 console save."

Featured Image Credit: Sucker Punch Productions

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