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PS5 removes feature after fans complain of 'false advertising'

PS5 removes feature after fans complain of 'false advertising'

The feature has been on the boxes of the console since launch

A feature that has been advertised on the boxes of PlayStation 5 consoles ever since the console was launched has been removed from the box with little fanfare, causing fans to accuse Sony of false advertising.

As noticed over on Reddit, at some point (it's currently unclear exactly when this happened, all we really know is that it has actually happened) Sony removed the notice from the box that the console can output in up to 8K resolutions. What's really interesting is that only one game, known as The Touryst, actually supports 8K at all, and while Sony had promised in recent years that eventually they're planning on releasing a software update which will allow the console to output at resolutions up to 8K, that update still hasn't surfaced, with the removal of the notice that the console can actually support it suggesting the update isn't coming ever.

Fans on Reddit have noted the change and aren't particularly happy about the change, with several of them wondering exactly why Sony is even trying to make 8K a thing at all.

"It's so silly that they're selling 8k TVs when there's virtually nowhere to get native 8k content except for some nice slo-mo nature videos on YouTube. There are no streaming services offering 8k content, there is no physical media being released in 8k, most people can't game in 8k, so why are they trying to make 8k a thing at all?," said one user in a thread about the change to the console box.

"Resolution improvements have massive diminishing returns. Anything over 4k is mostly about improving color and HDR capabilities. You're not so much improving resolution as trying to get better pixel density for colors and sharpness," another fan noted.

Featured Image Credit: Sony

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