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Play 'Stray' For Free This Week, No PS Plus Subscription Needed

Play 'Stray' For Free This Week, No PS Plus Subscription Needed

Thanks to a newly added PS Plus trial, some users will be able to get hold of Stray for absolutely nothing when it releases tomorrow.

If you’re anything like literally all of us here on the GAMINGbible team, chances are, you’re very excited for BlueTwelve Studio’s adorable indie gem, Stray. The title will throw you into the shoes (paws?) of a very fluffy ginger cat exploring a cyber-city, which, while the location sounds very interesting, they honestly already had me at “play as a cat”.

It was previously announced that the game, which launches tomorrow(!), 19 July, would be available to play as part of the newly overhauled PS Plus’ Extra and Premium tier game library at no extra cost, which is undoubtedly a massive selling point of the service’s more expensive tiers. If you’re not already subscribed though, there’s some very good news for you.

Take a look at Stray in action below.

As reported by VGC, seven-day trials for both the Premium and Extra tiers have now been added, with seemingly no announcement. That means that users can take full advantage of the service’s vast game library totally free, and yes, get access to Stray as soon as it releases. With Stray being a much shorter title than the likes of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade (which is also being added to the library tomorrow), chances are, many players would be able to get through the whole 8-10 hour experience in the trial period alone. 

Now, it seems that this offer is only available in the UK - sorry, overseas folks. The terms and conditions also don’t state when the offer ends, or if people can try both the Extra and Premium tier trials to bag an extra week (or, for that matter, if you’re eligible at all if you’ve ever had a regular PS Plus trial), so if you’re interested, you’ll have to do a bit of your own investigation here to find out if you can get in on this. For those who can grab the trial though, the timing couldn’t be better to experience Stray in all its glory.

Featured Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive

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