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Xbox unveils stunning new console that doesn't actually work

Xbox unveils stunning new console that doesn't actually work

Xbox has unveiled a stunning new limited-edition console but it comes with a catch.

I don’t know about you but I love a giveaway. I may never win them but entering at least gives me the dopamine I so desperately crave. However, when entering to win an Xbox console, you would kind of hope that it worked but that is seemingly not the case for one ongoing giveaway.

To celebrate the impending arrival of Final Fantasy XIV to Xbox consoles, Xbox itself is currently offering players the chance to win a stunning Xbox Series X that is decorated to mimic the bright-blue aetheryte crystals that can be found around the game’s expansive map.

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The Xbox Series X will come alongside a Complete Collector’s Edition game and a 12-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Not bad, huh? Well, it could be better considering the Final Fantasy XIV inspired Xbox Series X is non-functional.

The giveaway was announced on the official Xbox Twitter account earlier this week but as with any giveaway, it came with some terms and conditions. One condition in particular states that the winner will receive "One (1) Grand Prize: One (1) custom-designed Final Fantasy XIV Xbox Series X console bundle (NON-FUNCTIONAL, TO BE USED AS AN ART PIECE).”

So despite also winning a copy of the game and a 12-month Xbox Game Pass membership, you will seemingly not be able to use them. At least not on the pictured console. However, all is not lost as alongside the decorative console, the winner will also receive a standard Xbox Series X console bundle and this one actually works.

The giveaway is live now and will run until 28 March for all US, Canada and Mexico residents. The winner will be contacted on 2 April and will get their hands on some pretty exciting items to kick off their journey as the Warrior of Light in Final Fantasy XIV.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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