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Xbox Series X gets ridiculous price cut, but you'll wanna be fast

Xbox Series X gets ridiculous price cut, but you'll wanna be fast

Normally we'd say walk don't run, but not today. This deal is too good – get running!

Love it or hate it, Black Friday is the one time during the year when prices dramatically decrease to the point it almost feels rude not to partake in all the deals your inbox is bombarded with. The latest Xbox Series X price cut is proof of that.

As part of Amazon’s pre-Black Friday sale, those looking to upgrade to a current-gen console can do so at a fraction of the price. What is more, you won’t just be getting the Xbox X console but also a game as well, and it’s a newly launched game at that. The deal is currently priced at £409.99, giving you a 25 per cent saving.

Don't knock it until you try it – watch the Modern Warfare III campaign trailer now

Here’s the catch: there are only four days left to take advantage of this offer. Oh, and the new game that comes with it is Modern Warfare III. Granted, the Call of Duty game has had some significant knockbacks since its launch – actually, even before launch – thanks to its incredibly short campaign. It’s been a sore point for a lot of fans, so much so that it’s currently one of Metacritics’ 10 worst games of 2023.

We know this is like being trapped between a rock and a hard place, especially because the game comes as a digital code and not a physical copy, meaning any chance of making some money off of an unwanted game goes out the window. Nevertheless, while this might not be the game for you, the deal as a whole is still a ridiculously good one. And if you are a CoD fan who is looking to play MWIII without paying full price, you get that thrown in as a bonus.

Again, we can’t state enough that this pre-sale deal isn’t going to stick around for long; you could wait to see what other goodies come your way on Black Friday, but they might not be as good as this. Or they could be way better. You have to decide if this deal is one you’re prepared to miss out on if you’re too slow…

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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