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Xbox next-gen console already causing controversy, according to new leak

Xbox next-gen console already causing controversy, according to new leak

Xbox's new strategy could be affecting development of the company’s next-gen console.

Xbox is plagued by controversy right now, both internally and amongst fans - controversy that could be affecting the company’s next-gen console.

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Xbox is considering a change in strategy. A leak recently claimed that the company would be switching from a focus on first-party exclusives to a multi-platform model. This could see high profile Xbox games like Starfield launch on consoles like the PlayStation 5. Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves are rumoured to be the first games in line for porting. While I have to urge you to take all of this with a pinch of salt, Phil Spencer will be addressing the topic in a special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast later today, so do join us at 8pm GMT for the latest developments.

Take a look at Hi-Fi Rush in action below.

In the meantime, one insider claims that the strategy controversy may be having a knock-on effect on Xbox’s next-gen console. As reported by TweakTown, a source from within Intel recently told insider Moore’s Law is Dead that “Microsoft just f**ked us,” with ‘us’ being Intel. “I guess now we know that their ‘letters of intent’ mean absolutely nothing. I have no idea if AMD got the contract back, but this left a bad taste in my mouth and from what I hear, we aren’t the only company annoyed by the games they’re playing lately.”

Another source said, “I do by now believe we [Microsoft] are going to launch another generation of Xbox, but the fact that there was this level of uncertainty is very telling. Oh and [by the way], the earliest we can do a proper next-gen would be 2027.”

It’s all a bit messy, but the gist appears to be that even those within Microsoft don’t seem to know exactly what the future holds for Xbox. Plans for a next-gen Xbox appear to be loose at best, which is somewhat worrisome. Again, do take this speculation with caution. It sounds as if Phil Spencer is in dire need of setting the record straight later for the benefit of his own teams, if not the Xbox fanbase as a whole.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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