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Xbox gamers warned they've got their graphics set up all wrong

Xbox gamers warned they've got their graphics set up all wrong

Make these simple but effective changes

I must admit, I don’t personally delve into my various consoles’ settings perhaps as much as I should.

From boosting my download speed to uncovering time-saving features, I’ve learnt a lot from the wisened console users of the world.

Today, it’s time for yet another lesson and this one pertains to the Xbox Series X, although I’d say that almost all of these steps can also be applied to the digital Series S.

If you’ve just acquired a new Series X/S, you may be itching to dive into your first game but according to the Xbox community, there are a couple of changes that you should make to your console first.

This tidbit of advice comes from Reddit user IRed6ial who wrote, “Learn your TV. Adjust the specs by pressing [the] guide button.”

From there, according to IRed6ial, you’ll want to head over to settings, followed by General, and then TV and Display.

Avowed is set to launch on Xbox consoles and PC later this year. Take a look at the latest trailer below.

Here, calibrate for HDR, set up 4K, and increase your refresh rates to get the best possible graphics on your console.

“Also, I HIGHLY recommend looking around in the settings menus,” they added, something I’ve learnt in the last couple of months.

“There are so many little features from turning your light off on your controller, letting games download while your console is off, to disabling crossplay and all kinds of potentially experience enhancing features. Make sure you calibrate your tv though.”

It’s all advice many of us will likely have heard before but it’s most definitely nicely and succinctly rounded up by IRed6ial, so do take note of what they’ve said.

On the topic of Xbox, don’t forget that the Xbox Games Showcase airs this coming Sunday on 9 June.

It’ll get underway at 6pm BST and we’ll be here bringing you all of the latest news and reveals from the event, including the Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 Direct.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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