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Xbox fans can bag a free Series S console using this handy tip

Xbox fans can bag a free Series S console using this handy tip

For those with Microsoft Points to burn, you could be in with a chance of winning a new Xbox console

If you’ve got a few spare Microsoft Rewards points to get rid of, put them to good use and win yourself an Xbox Series S.

Xbox isn’t in the best place right now, and all eyes are on the upcoming showcase to restore faith that the company can keep up with the likes of PlayStation and Nintendo, or fully embrace third-party gaming.

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That being said, it’s still worth picking up a new-gen Xbox if you haven’t already and the most affordable option is the Xbox Series S, the sleeker, all-digital, but just as powerful alternative to the Xbox Series X.

The other option is wait and hope the rumours of an all-digital Xbox Series X are true, which leaked earlier last year sporting an absolutely wild design.

Moving on though, if you want an Xbox Series S but don’t have the means to acquire one at the moment, you’re in luck, as it turns out Microsoft are just giving them away via Microsoft Rewards.

Reddit user Edifinob recently shared the news they’d won a new Xbox Series S console through Microsoft’s digital scratchcards.

These are simple cards you can get for a very small amount of points each, and while the chances of winning aren’t too great it’s still worth a shot.

The prize pool includes Xbox store credit, gift cards, freebies and of course, the occasional Xbox console if you’re lucky enough.

It’s also worth mentioning that Edifinob won the latest version of the Xbox Series S too, the 1TB variant, so you won’t just be getting any leftover stock of the original models that Microsoft wants to get rid of.

So if you’ve been thinking of upgrading, or even downgrading from an Xbox Series X, maybe spend a few points on the occasional scratchcard, you never know what you’ll win.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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