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Starfield fans beg each other to rein in hype and avoid another No Man's Sky situation

Starfield fans beg each other to rein in hype and avoid another No Man's Sky situation

Easier said than done, though.

Hype is a wonderful thing, in many ways. The excitement and buildup for a game can really help shape a community prior to a title’s actual release, and it’s great fun to share in that anticipation.

However, it can also lead to disappointment. We’ve seen it happen time and time again in the past with the likes of No Man’s Sky and Cyberpunk 2077, where gamers’ expectations were so high, the games we were presented with at launch felt like massive flops. Admittedly, while both of those titles had issues that justified that disappointment, the hype that had built up prior to their respective releases made the reality feel so much worse.

Take a look at the story trailer for Starfield below.

As it happens, both No Man’s Sky and Cyberpunk 2077 also serve as excellent examples of games that prove that pretty much anything can become phenomenal so long as the devs don’t give up post-launch, but some Starfield fans are hoping to avoid disappointment entirely by simply not getting too excited, which sounds a bit easier said than done.

As Dexerto reports, over on Reddit, gamers are begging the fanbase to take it down a notch. In particular, many have been concerned about the amount of pure speculation that’s been circulating which could lead some to think that certain features are actually included in the game, when they were never confirmed in the first place.

“As a fellow creator of content for Starfield… I just have to say, some of the stuff I have seen pulled out of thin air is absolutely astonishingly full of pure bull,” one wrote in a since-deleted post (via Dexerto).

“Yeah some of the posts on this sub are entire discussions about features and how players plan to interact with them that are absolutely not going to be in the game in any capacity whatsoever,” Tarc_Axiiom commented. “I really hope people don't get too burned when the game [gets] released and many speculated things inevitably aren't there, in this case I advise people to consider any feature not explicitly shown as non-existent as [Bethesda] would have shown it if it was in the game,” agreed final26.

Please hype responsibly, folks.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda Softworks, Hello Games

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