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Halo fans surprised with new release coming this November

Halo fans surprised with new release coming this November

Looking for more lore? Look no further

Following on from Paramount+’s Halo TV series, a new release inspired by the show is set to arrive later this year.

Airing in 2022 with a second season following in February of this year, Paramount’s Halo television series is adapted from the Halo video game series created by Bungie and more recently handed over to 343 Industries.

Check out the trailer for season one of Halo below!

First launching in 2001, the Halo franchise has gone on to receive six mainline entries as well as multiple spin offs, books and, of course, the Paramount+ television adaptation.

However, it seems as though there will be a new way to dive into the lore of Halo when The Making of Halo The Series: Hope, Heroism, Humanity releases on 5 November.

This hardcover book is a 168-page volume that comprises everything you need to know about the Paramount+ show. This includes commentary from the showrunners, never-before-seen photographs from set, artwork, and information about the props used.

Published by Dark Horse Books, The Making of Halo The Series: Hope, Heroism, Humanity is a summary of the first season of the Halo show and can be preordered on Amazon now for $49.99.

“Get an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at Paramount+’s adaptation of the wildly popular Halo series,” reads the official synopsis. “See what went into bringing the Master Chief and his team of Spartan supersoldiers to life in their war against the alien threat known as the Covenant”.

As for the show, it has yet to announce a third season but star Joseph Morgan is feeling optimistic about the future of the video game adaptation.

Additionally, executive producer Kiki Wolfkill has revealed that the team has a long-term perspective for Halo and has already laid out plans beyond season two’s storyline. So fingers crossed this comes to fruition!

Featured Image Credit: Paramount Plus

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