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Unannounced Assassin's Creed appears online, sounds like the game we've been waiting for

Unannounced Assassin's Creed appears online, sounds like the game we've been waiting for

We're seriously excited about this game, and hope to god it's true!

Ubisoft is really doubling down on Assassin’s Creed, and, while we’re quietly cautious, we’re here for it. Call us basic, but we just can’t say no to stealth assassinating unsuspecting NPCs.

We’ve known for some time now that Ubisoft has got a lot of irons in the fire with its Assassin’s Creed series – we’ve been seeing deep dives into possible Red and Hexe lore since last year. And with Assassin’s Creed: Apocalypse slated for a March 2024 release, we’ve been inundated more than ever with news from the publisher.

Enjoy the cinematic trailer for the original Black Flag, it's a beauty

But now our attention is shifting to a game we’ve been waiting for for such a long time. This unannounced title will undoubtedly go down a storm with the fandom, as it brings back a protagonist that’s much beloved by players, with the game they’re herald from regarded as one of the best.

It’s none other than Assassin's Creed: Black Flag.

Insider Gaming exclusively reported on all the list of upcoming AC titles at the end of last year, which did see Black Flag “greenlit” right at the bottom. However, beyond that few other details were known. Now, however, the site is claiming that a “LinkedIn profile” has revealed that development of the remake got underway in September 2023.

To be clear, the “proof” is simply a job title that says that the lead designer who worked on Black Flag is now working on an “unannounced project”, meaning this could be nothing more than us falling down a rabbit hole that leads to a completely different game. Still, fans seem sure it means Kenway’s return is in the works.

As is always the case, though, until Ubisoft puts us all out of our misery and officially announces that the Black Flag remake is going ahead and is in development already, we have to keep our hopes within reasonable range.

But oh how we hope we’ll be returning to the seas with Kenway once again in the not too distant future.

Featured Image Credit: Ubisoft

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