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xQc called 'scum' and 'parasite' for Gaza reaction video

xQc called 'scum' and 'parasite' for Gaza reaction video

Twitcher streamer xQc has come under heavy criticism for his Gaza reaction video.

On social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitch and more recently TikTok, it’s practically impossible to avoid recommended ‘reaction’ videos once in a while, even from content creators that we’ve never heard of.

The reason why we see so many of these recommendations on our feed is that it can be a lucrative business practice, especially for upper-tier creators. One person who has made a bucket load of cash reacting to videos is YouTuber SSSniperwolf who recently had a conflict over content with Jacksfilms, which resulted in SSSniperwolf having her YouTube channel temporarily demonetised over doxxing allegations.

However, there is one particular reaction video that has stirred up the content creation scene recently, courtesy of Twitch streamer xQc. The conflict between Israel and Gaza has been ongoing for decades, but in recent weeks, the war has arguably reached its darkest point with even more countless lives being lost on both sides. As reported by Kotaku, xQc has been labelled as ‘scum’ and a ‘parasite’ for reacting online to footage of airstrikes on Gaza.

“When I think about what scumf*** degenerate content parasites look like, I don't think I could possibly create parody more on the nose than this,” said YouTube gamer NoodleVEVO. That being said, some have suggested that xQc is reacting to videos on this war to raise awareness, allegedly.

What’s more, it seems that when called out on his reaction videos related to the conflict, xQc isn't doing himself any favours, such as flexing an image of a diamond watch when he was labelled as being soulless. “Wow. I genuinely wanted to see good in xQc bringing more attention to what's happening in Gaza until I saw his responses to being called out for being insensitive,” tweeted Velixray.

Yet, it is maybe worth pointing out that xQc isn't the only creator to post reaction videos on the war. If you search across social media, there are many others doing a similar thing, whether it's considered right or wrong. Some of those other content creators include the likes of Hasanabi, as highlighted by Twitter user AllStuffTwitch.

Featured Image Credit: xQc via Twitch

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