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Dr Disrespect's Twitch ban scandal gets even worse in new report

Dr Disrespect's Twitch ban scandal gets even worse in new report

It just keeps going from bad to worse

Given the allegations against Dr Disrespect, this always felt like it would be a bigger story. However, few probably expected it to get this scandalous.

Three days ago, I wrote an article about the ex-Twitch streamer addressing allegations made by a former Twitch employee.

Since then, the story has snowballed, with more disturbing details coming to light.

Now we’re at the stage where Dr Disrespect has stepped back from streaming indefinitely; his co-founded studio has dropped him; and fans are throwing out their costumes.

Unfortunately, the situation has only continued to worsen.

A new report has claimed that Dr Disrespect continued inappropriately messaging a minor despite learning they were underage; this directly contradicts the claims the streamer made.

Earlier this week, the YouTuber made a controversial statement in which he admitted his actions but stated nothing untoward happened. Yet, this report challenges that defence.

The Rolling Stone report says, as per the statement of a former Twitch safety employee, “I recall that Dr Disrespect was made aware by the individual that they were underage during the conversation, after which he indicated that this was no problem and continued on.”

“There was no confusion. Messages sent after this was acknowledged were no less graphic and in sexually explicit nature than before,” their words concluded.

As for misconduct across the Twitch platform, that too is darker than first thought. Further down in the report, it discusses how a response team was created to tackle all allegations made, not just those involving Dr Disrespect.

“After viewing the contents of the Whisper conversation, it quickly became clear the egregiousness of conduct and what actions Twitch must take,” they added, before continuing, “The decision to permanently terminate Beahm [Dr Disrespect] was relatively quick, due to the severity of the behaviour.”

It’s certainly an ugly state of affairs, and one that we fear has more secrets to reveal before it reaches its conclusion.

At the time of writing this, Dr Disrespect hasn’t addressed the content of the report, however, it only feels like a matter of time before another social media post shows up...

Featured Image Credit: drdisrespect – Instagram

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