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Steam has a new Portal game you can download free now

Steam has a new Portal game you can download free now

Can't keep GLaDOS waiting

Now is the time to be brave and enter the world of Portal once more.

As a fan of both Portal games, it’s always saddened me that the franchise hasn’t grown beyond the first two games.

Sure, there’s a couple of mini experiences, but nothing that delivers the same experience.

That is, until now.

Okay, so this new Portal game on Steam isn’t an official instalment but rather a fan-made mod. Nevertheless, it does a fabulous job of tapping into what makes Portal so iconic.

Watch the Portal: Revolution trailer now

Portal: Revolution has “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Valve’s platform, and, even better, it’s absolutely free to play.

As long as you’ve got Portal 2, you’ll have no problem returning to the ever increasingly deadly experiments.

If you’re going to play the series from start to finish, you should play Portal, Portal: Revolution, then Portal 2, as this mod is set between the events of one and two.

As one PC reviewer puts it, “Portal: Revolution: is a fan-made mod that perfectly captures the spirit of the original Portal series.”

That is just one of many glowing reviews, like this one from another longtime fan, “The test chambers (puzzles) are challenging, and the entire mod in general is extremely well done. The voice acting is very good, and the story is put together well.”

Even if this free game doesn’t always have the “charm” of the original titles, it delivers 40 new puzzles to get your brain ticking over.

We’d love nothing more than a new official Portal game to be announced. But after so many years of silence, we fear only the fandom will keep this ingenious franchise alive and well.

Take five to eight hours out of the daily grind to explore Aperture behind the scenes.

Featured Image Credit: Valve Corporation, Second Face Software

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