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Steam dropping hundreds of free demos you can download and play this week

Steam dropping hundreds of free demos you can download and play this week

The event runs for one week overall

If you're looking for something new to play, Steam is about to absolutely blow you away with an ocean of new options.

Whether you're looking for the next big RPG or a new farming sim to get lost in, from tomorrow you can download and check out hundreds of free games via Steam.

From later this week PC gamers will be able to play hundreds of free demos online, add new games to their wishlists and discover new developers in the latest edition of Steam Next Fest.

Steam Next Fest takes place three times a year and allows gamers to try smaller titles for free for a brief period of times, meaning more people can add new games to their wishlist and discover titles that they would never otherwise have time to discover on their own, and would likely never play.

While it's currently unannounced what demos we can expect during the June edition of Steam Next Fest, but we can take a look at one of the events last year to get an inkling of exactly what to expect and what type of games we might see. Last year the October event included titles such as Jackbox Party Park 10, the next instalment in a beloved franchise of party games that often sees play at actual parties, or at special events. It also included Turnip Boy Robs A Bank, the sequel to Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion, a humorous 2D shoot 'em up that pokes fun at every facet of life and gaming. More often than not, players will discover a title that ends up in their game of the year list at the end of the year, and they may even discover a developer who they'll follow for the rest of their lives.

The event itself takes place for exactly one week, from June 10 to June 17, and will also have developers livestreaming their games to a much bigger audience than they would usually have, meaning you can see what type of game you're about to download before you actually download it.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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