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Steam: New free game described as Among Us meets Plague Inc.

Steam: New free game described as Among Us meets Plague Inc.

The stakes have never been higher

A new game is coming to Steam that’s a combination of the teamwork of Among Us, the survival of Plague Inc, and the party antics of Jackbox Party Pack. Basically, there’s a lot going on. And in this instance, it’s a good thing.

Created and published by Fifth Harbour Studios, Project Planet is a party game that's got a lethal edge to it. While one player strives to end humanity in as many intriguing ways as possible, the other players will try to save humanity as best they can.

Hone your teamwork skills with Among Us on Switch!

Up to five other Steam players can join in to save the planet. However, when it comes to winning, it comes down to who has the most power: the human who succeeded or earth. For earth to steal the crown, every human on the planet has to die – in the game, not in real life, don’t panic.

The multiplayer feature is undoubtedly one of the best selling points of this upcoming release, as potential players have already agreed on Reddit. As one user said “I’ve got a party session planned with friends soon, they bring the drinks, we take care of the food and entertainment”. It sounds like a sweet setup, one perfectly suited to a game like Project Planet.

Hopefully, the party session they’re discussing isn’t happening before 25 September, because the game isn’t out until then. Despite the PC game not being released until September, would-be players can download the demo if you fancy giving world destruction with friends a test drive.

There’s currently no reviews on Steam (obviously), but those who’ve already played the demo have shared promising feedback on Reddit that has us interested in the game. Scary_Cup_682 said “Yaasss! I'm so excited for the full release! I already absolutely love the demo!”

One thing’s for certain, it would take an awe-inspiringly bad game to beat Overwatch 2 as the worst Steam game of all time.

Will you choose to end the world with swarms of locust, or is an asteroid more your style? You could release a deadly virus, but after a certain pandemic, you might want to keep away from airborne illnesses.

You can begin your reign of destruction with Project Planet from 25 September on Steam.

Featured Image Credit: Steam

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