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Steam users can grab free store credit now, but you'll have to be fast

Steam users can grab free store credit now, but you'll have to be fast

Don't wait around to get this Steam freebie

My oh my, gamers are in a generous mood right now. Maybe it’s due to all the Thanksgiving celebrations, or maybe it’s because of the commercialised sound of Black Friday, but whatever the reason there are loads of great deals appearing online. One deal not to be missed is offering free store credit for Steam users – but you have to act fast because this deal is on a timer.

Although most of us here at GAMINGbible favour our consoles over PCs, we’ve all got a collection of Steam games we love; such is Steam’s versatility. However, like many of you, we don’t like spending our money unless we really have to, which is why free store credit is so enticing.

A Steam game you can spend your free credit on is Spirittea, it's delightful!

Best of all, you don’t have to do much to take part: simply @SteamGamesPC and @ZeNfAGames on Twitter, head over to Steam and wishlist Hot Rod Racer!, then retweet and like the post to enter this fun little giveaway. By doing so, you’ll put yourself in the running for $20 Steam store credit.

You have until 26 November to take part, meaning the clock really is ticking on this one. Why wait? Especially when you don’t have to do much to be in with a chance of winning. Users who’ve already got involved have been sharing screenshots of them wishlisting the game as proof, as well as thanking Free Steam Games for “the chance” to make some free Steam moolah.

There’s also the opportunity to win $5 Steam store credit as well; it isn’t as exciting as $20, but the process for entering is much the same, so it’s another easy peasy giveaway to try your luck on. It also has the same end date, therefore allowing you to kill two free birds with one stone.

May the odds forever be in your favour! This week and weekend is an amazing time to be a bargain-hunting gamer, so wear that thrifty badge with pride, my shoppers!

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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