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Steam free store credit giveaway available now, if you're quick

Steam free store credit giveaway available now, if you're quick

Time is short, so make sure to enter if you want free pennies to spend

What time is it kids? It’s time for another Steam giveaway that will bestow one lucky individual with the gift of store credit. Such a valuable prize is hard to come by, meaning you need to act fast if you want to be in it to win it.

February is shaping up to be one hell of a generous month; first we can bag ourselves $248 worth of games for a measly $12, and now we might get some free store credit to use as we see fit.

Before you just assume you know the deal here, this giveaway isn’t coming from Free Steam Games on Twitter. Instead, it’s being held by Astrolabe Games to celebrate its Zero Division launch. However, despite coming from a different source, the rules of this competition are pretty similar.

To begin with, make sure you’re following the devs (it doesn’t clarify if that means just on Twitter or Steam or both, so err on the side of caution and go with the latter option). Once you’re following the brand, you need to retweet and like the post about the competition. Lastly, you need to wishlist Zero Division on Steam, though apparently this step is optional.

Are you up for Yet Another Fantasy Title?

Everyone taking part has until 13 Feb to get involved, by which time the winner will be announced and some lucky gamer will walk away with some Steam moolah to spend. Best of all, the free store credit in question is a whopping $30; we’re not being sarcastic here, that’s a lot of credit to give away.

This PC deck building title has piqued a lot of players’ interests, especially now they know getting involved with the competition could score them a satisfying store credit bonus. Should you be more interested in the game than the credit, you can play its demo right now, with the full game “coming soon”.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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