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Steam free download is a gorgeous blend of Elden Ring and Metroid

Steam free download is a gorgeous blend of Elden Ring and Metroid

Skelethrone: The Prey takes its inspiration from Dark Souls and Metroid, and is free to check out now.

If you’ve ever dreamt about combining Elden Ring’s dark fantasy world with the Metroid franchise’s gameplay, then you’ve come to the right place.

As reported by PCGamesN, the newly launched Skelethrone: The Prey has caught the attention of the Steam community, always in search of the next indie smash hit.

Developed by 70’Strike and published by Valkyrie Initiative, Skelethrone: The Prey is a free prologue that you can play right now ahead of the launch of the main Skelethrone: The Chronicles of Ericona later this year.

Described as a “challenging 2D action platformer”, developers note that Skelethrone takes inspiration from both the Castlevania and Dark Souls franchises.

“Bloodthirsty monsters, divine creatures and epic boss battles. The game’s story is shaped by choices that will define your journey,” the synopsis teases.

Speaking of Elden Ring, take a look at the incredible trailer for the upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree expansion below.

In the free prologue, you’ll be able to get to grips with the game’s movement and combat, acquiring various relics, items and abilities.

You’ll need to progress if you want to test your skills against the multiple bosses on offer, with “other creatures from the Dark Ages” also teased.

From fog-shrouded ruins to labyrinthine ancient tombs, Elden Ring fans should feel right at home in this grisly and mystifying world.

In the main game, you’ll eventually gain access to bows, scythes, longwords, whips, pistols, rifles, and multiple endings - so there’s a lot on offer.

The full game is set to launch on Steam in Q4 of 2024, which runs from October to December, but the prologue is already generating ‘Very Positive’ reviews.

“Dark Souls reimagined in two dimensions, with its own distinct atmosphere, mechanics, and lore,” one reviewer wrote, while another added, “It is quite gripping with its mature and serious tone. Dark Souls-inspired, with a touch of Metroidvania thrown in, it offers a decent, varied world to explore.”

If that sounds up your alley, you can wander over to Steam to sample the free prologue now.

Featured Image Credit: Valkyrie Initiative

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