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Steam drops a bunch of free downloads you can claim now, no subscription needed

Steam drops a bunch of free downloads you can claim now, no subscription needed

We're not sure which download we'll claim first

So many services offer freebies these days. It’s great if you’re someone signed up to those services, but for the thrifty among us, seeing others claim free downloads while we have to longingly look on isn’t fun.

Well, Steam said no more to that, coming in strong with some free downloads to keep us all happy, subscription or not. Granted, Valve’s platform isn’t alone in offering the occasional digital free item – PlayStation often entices its players with such trinkets, but Steam not so much.

Although there are often plenty of competitions to get involved in, they’re normally time limited, not ignoring the fact not everyone can be a winner. But with these free downloads? Everyone wins.

Have you heard about Palworld? If you haven't, you need to change that asap!

The Steam Points Shop offers a diverse array of avatars and stickers to adorn your profile, with users needing to use points to get the more sought after ones; it works much like PS Stars. However, for the ninja and pirate lovers among you, Steam is subtly asking for you to pick a side with its free ‘Steam Pirates vs Ninjas Fest’.

Draw your lines in the sand metaphorically or by showing off a shiny new animated avatar, free of charge. Will you be a swashbuckling rogue of the seas or at one with the shadows as you stalk your prey? Or, for those who can’t decide, will you simply show your indecision by the clashing of swords? The options are before you, so choose wisely.

To access the free downloads, simply log into your Steam account and “purchase” the items (it says purchase, but we assure you that they’re free). You can follow this link to save you having to awkwardly search for these freebies amongst the more costly avatars on offer.

We hope you enjoy showing off your chosen side with pride!

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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