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Steam users can download and enjoy 5 free RPGs this weekend

Steam users can download and enjoy 5 free RPGs this weekend

It's going to be a busy weekend

This weekend is set to be a busy one courtesy of Steam dropping these five RPGs you can download right now and includes something for everyone.

Even though the past few weeks have been full to the brim with game releases, there is always room for more and Steam is giving its users the chance to get their hands on RPGs that may have flown under the radar.

Final Fantasy XIV is also free to try out on Steam. Check the latest trailer out below!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some you can download right now.

Sulfur is an action roguelike and a “modern old-school adventure” that tasks players with outsmarting enemies, finding treasure, improving weapons and harnessing powers. Although not yet fully released, its demo is free to try out right now.

Next up is Dungeon Stalkers, a PvEvP dungeon crawler which will see players teaming up with companions to defeat other adventurers and hordes of monsters. Again, its demo is free to grab now.

Those looking for a funky art style should check out Crashlands 2, a open-world survival crafting game set across a vibrant world where interstellar friendships are the key to survival. Befriend aliens, craft eccentric weapons and “stick it to the man” in this epic RPG.

Hack-and-slash fans should try VOIN, an open-world action RPG set in a dark fantasy world filled with secrets and dangers which will see players need to wield primordial elements in order to get the upper hand.

Last but not least, fans of Undertale should check out its “parallel story” Deltarune. Meet both old and new characters as you dodge bullets, listen to funky music and take on a series of crazy battles. Not only that but chapters one and two are available to try for free right now.

These five titles and heaps more are available to download for free on Steam so don’t miss out on some epic gameplay this upcoming weekend.

Featured Image Credit: Steam, Perfect Random

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