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Steam finally adding a feature we've been desperate to see for years

Steam finally adding a feature we've been desperate to see for years

It's about time!

As the main distributor for all PC games, Steam has made quite a name for itself since it was launched back in 2003. Now an upcoming feature is set to make the Valve storefront even better.

There is no denying that Steam still remains the top dog when it comes to purchasing PC games. Despite having some competition from the Epic Games Store and PlayStation and Xbox shops, it still reigns supreme but that doesn’t mean it can’t do with some improvements.

Steam is also full of free demos to check out including Sand Land seen below!

With fans more than happy to offer ways to improve the storefront, one key feature has seemingly been implemented according to a notable programmer and dataminer.

SteamDB creator Pavel Djundik took to Twitter to reveal that Steam was currently working on a clip recording feature, which as you can probably guess, will allow users to record gameplay without the need of a third-party software.

This feature will be invaluable for gamers and something Steam users have been calling out for for years. Additionally, any short videos recorded can then be shared to Steam’s community page as well as to your own device.

Although Djundik did not share when we can expect this feature, he did also claim that it will support background recording as well as timeline integration for some titles.

In related news, Steam has recently ruined the future of inheritance by confirming that accounts will not be able to be passed on after your death.

As a result, our carefully curated Steam libraries will die with us but with huge amounts of money having gone into them, this is sad news to say the least. Hey, at least this is motivation to tackle our backlogs

Until our inevitable demise, we can check out six free games we can download and keep forever. It’s not all bad, huh?

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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