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Steam adds 6 new free games, yours to keep forever

Steam adds 6 new free games, yours to keep forever

There's no catch

If you are unsure as to what to play next, you should check out these Steam titles that are both free to download and yours to keep forever.

Steam is no stranger to offering its user-base the chance to get their hands on some free underrated titles and this month is no exception with six unique games to choose from.

Portal 2 is also available on Steam at its lowest ever price right now!

So without further ado, let’s take a look at what you can download and keep this July.

First up we have Histeria, a fast-paced multiplayer shooter where the battle is set inside a dynamic time glitching arena. With a battlefield stuck between the past, present and future, players must learn to master the Glitch. From a prehistoric valley to a high-tech city street, you never know where your bullets will fly.

Next is Undo the Jam Damage, the cutest little 2D pixel platformer which tells the story of Bruce and his love for PB&J sandwiches. It sees players venture into an enchanted forest to help him lift the witch’s curse. Created by a one-man developer, this challenging yet whimsical platformer is an underrated gem.

Project: Ternion is a fast-paced hero shooter where all heroes are tailored to unique play styles. The 3v3 shooter sees players select the hero which best suits them; whether that is Brawn who favours precise aim or Brisk who is adept at navigating the map with ease.

Next is THOKO, an FPS shooter that plunges players into a dystopian future. Armed with a wide variety of weapons including snipers, shotguns, assault rifles and more, players must fight to come out on top in a village where their gameplay will be tested to the limit.

Those who are a fan of the cyberpunk genre should check out Bump, a fast-paced cyberpunk multiplayer title with arena combat. Use multiple weapons and navigate using bullet time, jumps, dashes and wall climbing for a strategic advantage against enemies. By pushing your enemies out of the arena, you will soon come out on top.

Last but certainly not least is New Warfare, a “modern competitive stylised multiplayer first-person shooter with several game modes”. With no skill-based matchmaking, everybody starts out on an even playing field as they hop on various game modes such as Domination or Search and Destroy.

Featured Image Credit: Valve, UndoTheJamDamage

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