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Steam $50 free store credit available by playing a game

Steam $50 free store credit available by playing a game

Fancy winning some Steam store credit? Of course you do, we all do!

It’s simple: you play a game and get $50 free store credit to use however you see fit (as long as it’s buying a game, of course). Although it sounds too good to be true, that’s the offer currently available for Steam players interested in Christmas coming early.

We’ve covered a lot of ways to score yourself free store credit before, with this giveaway acting in a similar manner. However, instead of coming from Free Steam Games, a social media account all Steam users will recognise and love, this competition comes from @ErikPixel.

Now for something entirely different – the God of War Ragnarök: Valhalla reveal!

To be in with a chance of getting that $50 store credit, you need to follow some easy but very specific rules. Firstly, follow both @ErikPixel and @ZeNfAGames on Twitter (otherwise known as X. Ugh), then wishlist and follow the game Rocket! on Steam and post proof you've done this. After which, you need to download the game and play it so you can grab a screenshot of your highest score and share it online. Oh, and, of course, you must like and retweet the post.

You have five days to take part. And should you attempt to merely copy and paste someone else’s screenshots, you’ll be disqualified from the competition. Also, don’t even think about asking for $50 via PayPal like one cocky user did because the competition runners are only offering free store credit for Steam. It's not up for negotiation.

Rocket! is an indie game due for release in Feb 2024, with the demo acting as a great means of seeing if the fast-paced arcade shooter is for you. Personally, I think I’d die way too quickly to ever get a decent score, but the game looks a lot of fun regardless of that fact.

Available for both PC and Mac users, there’s really no excuse not to try out the game, especially when the potential for free credit is involved. Come on, how many times do you get the chance to play a game and win money without having to spend any money yourself?

Featured Image Credit: Valve, Nintendo

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