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Stardew Valley meets Hogwarts Legacy in free Steam download

Stardew Valley meets Hogwarts Legacy in free Steam download

RPG: Conquer The World mixes the magic of Hogwarts Legacy with the pixel art of Stardew Valley.

Imagine taking the wizarding magic of Hogwarts Legacy and mixing it with the pixel art aesthetic of Stardew Valley. What a delightful combination that would be, right? Well, if you’re nodding your head in agreement or mentally mouthing the word, ‘yes’, you’re going to want to check out RPG: Conquer The World.

As the title suggests, RPG: Conquer The World is an upcoming 2D fantasy-adventure RPG from LL studio. Set within the land of Lanthir Lamath, players assume the role of Jacob, a young boy who is simply obsessed with the idea of conquering the world. Jacob will learn various new skills at school to assist him in achieving his goal, whilst also getting into altercations with classmates and falling in love with his teacher’s daughter.

Did you spot the squabbling suits of armour in Hogwarts Legacy?

The synopsis reads, “Pixel art RPG adventure. Experience the story of a common young boy, visit school, fight enemies, find your first love, and most importantly: Conquer the world.” Devs further tease that you’ll have to learn who to trust and who may be lying to you, in addition to how to wash your hands after going to the loo … interesting.

There are eight chapters in total, with each chapter containing multiple tasks and character encounters. Unfortunately, RPG: Conquer The World doesn’t have a release date just yet but I do have some good news. The game is set to launch on Steam and a free demo is available to sample now.

It goes without saying that demos are fantastic. Given the vast number of games out there, it’s so important to ‘try before you buy’ to save you from making any costly mistakes. RPG: Conquer The World’s demo could be well worth diving into if you think this one may be up your alley.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Games, LL Studio

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