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Stardew Valley meets Animal Crossing for goths in free limited-time Steam download

Stardew Valley meets Animal Crossing for goths in free limited-time Steam download

Farming... but make it goth

Farming over Christmas might not sound like everyone’s idea of fun but for us cosy gamers, it’s the epitome of entertainment, which is why this limited-time Steam free download is worth checking out.

Best described as Animal Crossing meets Stardew Valley with a gothic twist, Moonlight Peaks is already shaping up to be a cutesy spooktacular of a game. Following the trope of branching out on your own, Moonlight Peaks is a tale of a young vampire desperate to prove her dad wrong, while enjoying the humble offerings from a magical land.

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Along the way, romance will call to you, with a wide selection of attractive singletons available for you to choose from – we already have our favourites and we haven’t played the demo yet! There’ll also be spell casting, potion brewing, and general frolicking with creatures of the night as you harvest your way to glory.

The PC title will exclusively drop its demo on Steam from 23 December, with the demo only available for a “limited time”, meaning you won’t want to hang around to see if the vampire life is for you. We’re not saying you should do a Guillermo and get Derek to bite you, just make sure you don’t spend too long trying to work out if a supernatural farm is the kind of change of pace you’re looking for.

Not only will you be able to play on your PC but you’ll be able to play on your Steamdeck too – now your crops need never wilt and die. Hopefully, one day the game will be available on the Nintendo Switch, assuming it does well, making it even easier for you to become a vampire and romance werewolves.

When the clock strikes Christmas Eve Eve, it’s time to don your cape, let your fangs show, and begin your farming life under the full moon.

Featured Image Credit: Little Chicken

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