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Horizon Zero Dawn meets Valheim in Steam game you can play free now

Horizon Zero Dawn meets Valheim in Steam game you can play free now

Aloft looks like a breeze

If you’re a fan of Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerrilla Games and Valheim from Iron Gate Studio, this indie delight might be your cup of tea and you can try it for free via Steam.

While Horizon Forbidden West and Valheim exist in different genres both offer huge open worlds that you can lose yourself in for countless hours. Sure, one also has a much larger investment budget than the other but both are a lot of fun in their unique way, so if we can try a game for free that offers a little bit of both, then that will most certainly pique our interest and hopefully, it will for you too.

Check out the Aloft trailer below!

The indie game in question is developed and published by Astrolabe Interactive and it’s called Aloft. However, judging by its gorgeous screenshots and enticing gameplay trailer, Aloft looks to be a lot more of a relaxing experience than the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn and Valheim.

Aloft is a feel-good, cosy survival game set in the clouds, where you can transform any island into a flying ship and explore the infinite skies,” reads the description on the Steam store. “Navigate the world, discover new islands, gather resources, build your dream home, and take care of your animals, alone or with up to eight friends.”

“Amongst the calmness and the cosy, you will face challenges and danger as rampant fungi corruption devours all life in this world. It’s up to you to find lost knowledge, brew powerful antidotes, enrich the biodiversity of the islands, and restore balance to this unique airborne ecosystem,” it continued.

At this moment, Aloft does not have a confirmed release date other than a vague launch sometime in 2024 and there is no official word on a console release, yet. You can at least download and play its free demo available now via Steam.

Featured Image Credit: Astrolabe Interactive

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