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Hogwarts Legacy meets Dark Souls in stunning 9/10 RPG

Hogwarts Legacy meets Dark Souls in stunning 9/10 RPG

This charming indie game blends Hogwarts Legacy with the world of Dark Souls.

Hogwarts Legacy meets Dark Souls, now there’s a line that I never thought I’d be writing today. So if this sounds like your cup of tea, then you’re in luck, my muggle friends.

For quite different reasons, both Hogwarts Legacy and the Dark Souls series have garnered a loyal legion of action RPG fans. Granted, while there is danger in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s at least nowhere near as relentless as everything wanting to kill you in the world of the Kingdom of Lordran.

Check out the Hogwarts Legacy and Dark Souls hybrid below!

So what is the Hogwarts Legacy meets Dark Souls RPG I hear you ask, oh and it is considered to be a 9/10 game! The game in question is an indie title called Little Witch Nobeta and it’s available now on Steam. “Nobeta, the little wonder, came to the castle alone to solve the mystery of her own life,” reads the description of the game. “Constantly challenging powerful crafted souls, she learned all kinds of magical abilities and befriended a mysterious little black cat. What secrets hide in the depths of the castle?”

Developed by Pupuya Games and Simon Creative, Little Witch Nobeta is described as a 3D action shooting game, and judging by the gameplay trailer it features the spellbinding magic of Harry Potter, but a more mild take on Dark Souls gameplay with a charming anime visual design.

However, the description of the game also warns potential players not to be fooled by its charming visuals, because “battles are quite challenging despite its cute looks” and that you must “discover enemies' weaknesses and learn the precise time to dodge attacks in order to gain the advantage in combat.”

Little Witch Nobeta is available now not only on PC but also on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco/Pupuya Games

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