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Even Starfield's fans agree that Bethesda's latest is a 'missed opportunity'

Even Starfield's fans agree that Bethesda's latest is a 'missed opportunity'

Is it a missed opportunity?

Starfield players are gathering on Reddit to discuss the game and how many of them believe that the newest Bethesda titles is a 'missed opportunity'. In a lengthy post, a user called u/Phounus is taking the game to task over many of the issues it has.

Among their issues they list several that keep coming up - the lack of on-planet transport, empty or identical planets, smuggling being underwhelming, pirates never attempting to board your ship. They come to an end saying "I feel like I could go on and on" and the problem is, many people could. The last sentence of their post is a simple "Anyway, I think I am done with Starfield for now."

Starfield is losing players fast, but can Bethesda pull it back like they did with Fallout 76?

I wholeheartedly agree with all points raised, especially in hindsight, the game was fine but it didn't push any boundaries. However, I'll leave it to Redditors to explain more. This from u/ladyvanq for example "For me personally, what ultimately killed the enjoyment was the repeated POI with 0 variations in them, i don't mind seeing the same building over and over, but my immersion completely broke once i saw the same dead bodies, same enemy placements, same loot placement every single time."

Another user comments "Great points made. For me the game just feels empty. Too big and not nearly enough to fill it." and there's another who says "I like Starfield but I agree it's a missed opportunity. It doesn't have the depth needed to keep me playing long term."

Many of the gripes are the same; there's a lack of valid exploration, outposts feel pointless, player homes serve no purpose, there's a lack of real threat, and POIs feel shallow. It's perhaps summed up best here, "I'm currently playing Skyrim again. That games is still fun after 12 years. I honestly don't think Starfield has enough content to keep me playing for 12 years."

Starfield is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC, with Xbox Game Pass subscribers having access to the game at no additional cost.

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